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About Working as Intended

Working as Intended is a Republic guild comprised of [relatively] mature members that enjoy all aspects of MMO gameplay. If you like a community that actively participates in guild chat and voice chat, forms groups for flashpoints and daily missions. If you have interest in scheduled ops and end-game progression and want to learn more please apply. We accept any kind, mature person that wants to add to the guild's SWTOR experience.

What we do:

We have a variety of casual and [relatively] hard-core members in our guild, and try to promote a fun and social atmosphere. There are no requirements to get involved with events, raiding or anything else. However, our philosophy suggests the more our members do things together in-game (or out) the more fun everyone will have!

What we do in-game:

  • Weekly scheduled Ops/events (multiple ops teams with various schedules)
  • Periodically scheduled Guild Conquest Groups
  • Periodically scheduled and ad-hoc PvP teams

Join Working as Intended

(the recruiting committee)

- Effective as of 12/11/2014 -


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